Phase I Student Requirements

Background Checks 

After you have declared your RML major and registered for Phase I spring term, you will need to complete a background check. The background check allows you to participate in all of the events and trips throughout your time in the program.

Deadline to submit your background check:  first day of spring quarter

********Easier done on a desktop, not on mobile********

If you have lived your last three (3), or more, years in WA state: 

  1. Go to WATCH (Washington Access to Criminal History)
  2. Click the menu option that says "Establish a New Credit Card Account" (no, you aren't setting up a credit card. This menu option brings you to a page to set up an account and pay for your background check)
  3. Complete the necessary Information
  4. Click on Criminal History Request: Process Criminal History Requests
  5. Enter your First / Middle Initial / Last Name and Birthdate
  6. Complete the Payment Information
  7. Confirm the Request
  8. Go to Watch Inbox and view the report for your name
  9. Save Report
  10. Email your results to RML Phase Support ( to be filed 

If you have NOT lived in WA state for the past three (3) years:

  1. Background check is run by
  2. Use "Package Code" WG91 to place order
  3. Results are normally returned within 3 - 5 business days
  4. Email your results to RML Phase Support ( to be filed 

WWU Recreation Management and Leadership Alcohol & Drug Prohibition Policy


Western Washington University’s Recreation Management and Leadership program is committed to creating and maintaining an academic environment that is free from the negative effects of alcohol and other drug use. The use of alcohol, marijuana, and/or illegal drugs during or immediately prior to all academic-related or sponsored activities (including, but not limited to, classes, courses, retreats, and internships) is strictly prohibited. If RML faculty or staff believe a student has engaged in alcohol, marijuana, or illegal drug consumption, disciplinary action will be taken.

Students who violate this policy are subject to immediate suspension from the Recreation Management and Leadership program and may also be subject to one or more of the following sanctions: referral for substance abuse evaluation or treatment; WWU disciplinary actions; and dismissal from the Recreation Management and Leadership program.

The Recreation Management and Leadership faculty and staff will not overlook alcohol and drug violations, but we maintain the goal of providing assistance to those individuals who are seeking help with their own use of substances. Thus, this policy specifically allows for an individual to come forward for help, prior to any violations, without fear of reprisal or adverse disciplinary action.

Please also see WWU’s Policy Concerning Alcohol and Other Drugs: WWU Policy