Career Options

What can I do with the degree?

The Kinesiology and Physical Education program provides a general education about the body and movement. The P-12 Physical Education and Health degree prepares students for teacher certification. The Kinesiology degree is a broad preparation: basic sciences, applied sciences, socio-cultural aspects, practical experience, and physical activity.

Graduates in Kinesiology have a variety of career options depending upon specialization within the major. Graduates of the Exercise Science option may become employed in health clubs, hospital, and workplace settings, or work in sales of fitness and health products (such as equipment, braces, pharmaceuticals, among others), or with further training may work in careers such as physicians assistants, allopathic medicine practitioners, nutritionists, chiropractors, or biomedical imaging.

Graduates of the Pre-Health Care Profession option generally pursue post-baccalaureate study in a physical therapy program, or other allied health programs (e.g., nursing, occupational therapists, physicians assistants, allopathic medicine practitioners, nutritionists, or chiropractors).

Our Sport Psychology graduates pursue practical application of psychology to sport and exercise settings. Graduates representing all areas of specialization may go on to pursue graduate study in their area of interest.

Which line of work is for you?

Probably the best way to figure out the "right fit" in a job is to clarify what interests you the most. Do your research. Think about the kinds of work you are interested in, and learn everything you can about your top two or three areas of interest. What inspires you most? Also think about your own natural strengths and abilities, as well as your values. How do you see yourself, and where do you see yourself working? How do you really want to spend your time? What specific goals do you wish to achieve? What type of company or organization would you like to work with? What kinds of people do you wish to work with?

Look through the resources listed in this web site,and use all the resources available to you at Western's Career Services Center. The Center is the best resource for assistance with career planning, assessments, internships, job market information, job search services, and alumni services. The Career Center offers individual counseling as well as a wide variety of workshops.

Job Search Strategies

Use the resources available to you through Western's Career Services Center, Old Main 280. Several career fairs and other events are offered throughout the year to help students and alumni research employers and job opportunities. Check the special events schedule to see what events are scheduled for this quarter. Take full advantage of job search services, including on-campus interviews and the candidate referral program. Also participate in on-campus recruiting. Business, industry and government organizations recruit during fall, winter, and spring quarters. School districts recruit primarily during winter and spring quarters.

Here are several other Job Search Strategies:

  • Contact agencies, companies or organizations you would like to work for and see if they're hiring
  • Check with the state employment opportunity office
  • Talk with parents and others about job possibilities in their companies
  • Check local newspaper classified ads--especially on Sunday
  • Consider volunteer or internship positions (these sometimes lead to paid positions)
  • Call employment/temporary placement agencies
  • Check the internet for job posting web sites