Western’s Health and Human Development is providing this information as a complimentary service to our students. Although we have completed an initial screening of these field experience/internship and job opportunities for the purpose of posting, the student is solely responsible for evaluating whether these opportunities will offer a positive, healthy, safe and educational working environment for them. Students should also consider factors such as learning opportunities and whether the opportunity is a “good fit.”


Whatcom Family & Community Network is seeking a Mt Baker Community Coalition Co-Coordinator.
Posted April 18, 2024

Whatcom County Health and Community Services is seeking an  Environmental Health Supervisor.
Posted January 31, 2024

Whatcom County Health and Community Services is seeking On-call Severe Weather Shelter Assistants.
Posted October 13, 2023

The Oregon Health Authority, Acute and Communicable Disease Prevention Section (ACDP) in Portland, Oregon is seeking an Admin Support Specialist.
Posted October 6, 2023

Whatcom Family & Community Network is seeking a Mt. Baker Community Coalition Coordinator
Posted September 26, 2023


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