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Physical Education and Health (PEH) P-12

Effective Teachers, Compassionate People

What will this program do for me? 

The PEH P-12 program is a teacher education program leading to licensure to teach PE and Health to grades P-12 in schools. 

What will I be doing in the program?

Our program seeks to help individuals develop the skills, knowledge, and dispositions necessary for fulfilling, influential careers as teachers of PE and Health. We are more than just a sequence of courses; we are a group of people who really care about always learning how to best help others learn. We are reflective, open-minded, inclusive, innovative, ambitious, and a lot of fun. We blend traditional and experiential approaches to instruction, affording students a more active role in their professional preparation. As noted on the course sequence below, our program includes methods and practicum courses for each of the elementary, middle, and high school levels.

Man teaching in the Carver Gym

In methods classes, students can, among other things, expect to:

  • enter schools during their first quarter to observe and engage with current teachers and students;
  • learn how to develop developmentally-appropriate lessons and curricula;
  • learn essential physical education and health content, as well as how to effectively teach it to students in P-12 schools;
  • become confident teaching using a variety of instructional models in PE;
  • learn to accurately and effectively assess for student learning;
  • discuss important current issues for health and physical educators; and
  • become prepared to pass the edTPA.
PEH Staff mugging it up at Civic Field

In practicum classes, among other things, expect to: 

  • observe current teachers teaching classes in PE and Health;
  • engage with current P-12 students;
  • practice designing and implementing lessons in PE at all three levels, and health at the secondary level;
  • learn currently-prominent theories in PE pedagogy; and
  • give presentations to their classmates during on-campus sessions
Young adults standing and smiling in doorway

How long does it take to complete?

This cohort-based program is scheduled to last two full academic years, plus a 14-week student teaching experience.

What is the program course sequence?

Here is the course sequence.

Who are the program faculty?

Dr. Nick Washburn

Dr. Nick Washburn
Secondary Methods
(360) 650-7709

Dr Hillary Robey

Dr. Hillary Robey
Elementary Methods
(360) 650-6353