Applying to the Exercise Science Minor?

The exercise science minor is designed to support students who wish to learn about human movement and performance or for those students who are preparing for careers and/or graduate study in healthcare fields. The minor provides a study of human movement from physiological, mechanical, and psychological perspectives. Information is applied to settings such as health promotion, exercise, athlete training, aging, and rehabilitation.


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Exercise Science Minor Application and Declaration Procedures

Am I eligible to apply to the Exercise Science minor?

To be eligible to apply to the Exercise Science minor, you must:

  1. Be a current student at WWU (must be enrolled in at least one course at WWU during the quarter in which you submit your application)
  2. Have completed at least 75 quarter credits (multiply semester credits by 1.5 to determine number of quarter credits completed)  AND have already declared their major
  3. Have at least a 2.50 cumulative GPA (weighted across all college-level credits completed, including those from transfer schools)

Students cannot apply to both the Kinesiology major and Exercise Science minor in the same quarter and students are not permitted to complete both the Exercise Science minor and any of the Kinesiology majors.

Application, Declaration and Instructions


Admission to the Exercise Science minor is determined by GPA at WWU as as college GPA at previous institutions. Applications are ranked by collegiate GPA and offers of admission are extended based on GPA ranking and number of spots to join the minor. To apply for admission to the Exercise Science minor, students must complete the online application form AND submit unofficial transcripts from all transfer colleges/universities to BEFORE the application deadline.


When is the application for the Exercise Science minor open?

Students who meet the above criteria may apply to the Exercise Science during the first 10 days of Fall, Winter, or Spring quarter.  The application periods for the upcoming year are as follows:

  Quarter applying to enter KIN major     Link to apply opens     Link to apply closes  
                   Fall Quarter 2023               3/28/23       4/7/23 at 3:00 PM
                Winter Quarter 2024               9/27/23       10/6/23 at 3:00 PM
                 Spring Quarter 2024               1/9/24       1/19/24 at 3:00 PM