What classes do I take while waiting to become a Kinesiology major?

There are no required classes students must complete before applying for admission to the Kinesiology major. Students should focus on completing GURs and may also incorporate some of the classes suggested below to support them towards fulfilling Kinesiology major requirements and electives as well as towards future career and/or graduate study goals. 

NOTE:  If you are at a school other than WWU, and needing to determine the equivalent classes you need to take at your school to prepare for a degree at WWU, use our transfer equivalency guide to determine the courses at your school that transfer to the recommended courses listed below at WWU.

Kinesiology major with a pre-health care professions specialization

Students should work on completing their GURs.


Students are advised to start their sequence of math courses, and sequence of chemistry courses as soon as possible.  Additionally, if you are thinking of completing a minor, then work on finishing minor classes.

Kinesiology major with an exercise science specialization

Students should work on completing their GURs including BIOL 101 or BIOL 204 & BIOL 205.
Students can complete up to 35 credits from the following list, and the courses will count towards their Kinesiology major requirements:

NOTE: Some of the classes in the list below have pre-requisites that must also be completed first, in some cases these pre-requisite classes may also serve as a GUR class. For example, Chem 161 counts as a course in the major (listed below) as well as a Lab Science GUR, and Chem 161 has a pre-req of Math 114, and the Math 114 also counts as a QSR GUR. PSY 101 counts as a SSC GUR, and also serves as the pre-requisite for the majors classes of PSY 220, 230, 250 (listed below).

  • MATH 240 (4) Intro to Statistics
  • CHEM 161 (5) General Chem I
  • CHEM 162 (5) General Chem II
  • CHEM 163 (4) General Chem III
  • CHEM 251 (5) Elem Organic Chem
  • CHEM 375 (4) Elements of Biochem
  • PHYS 114 (5) Prin Physics I
  • PHYS 115 (5) Prin Physics II
  • PHYS 116 (5) Prin Physics III
  • CSCI 101 (4) Computers & Applications
  • CSCI 140 (4) Programming Fundamentals
  • COMM 244 (4) Advocacy Through Media
  • COMM 318 (5) Professional Communication
  • COMM 325 (5) Intercultural Communication
  • COMM 327 (5) Interpersonal Communication
  • COMM 416 (3-5) Topics in Communication
  • ENG 302 (5) Technical Writing
  • PSY 220 (5) Behavioral Neuroscience
  • PSY 230 (5) Developmental Psych
  • PSY 250 (5) Personality & Abnormal Psych

Additionally, if you are thinking of completing a minor, then work on finishing minor classes.


Kinesiology major with a sport psychology specialization

Students should work on completing their GURs, including BIOL 101.
The following classes may be taken before or after admission to the Kinesiology: Sport Psychology major:

  • PSY 101 - Introduction to Psychology
  • PSY 210 - Cognition
  • PSY 230 - Lifespan Developmental Psychology
  • PSY 240 - Social Psychology
  • PSY 250 - Introduction to Abnormal Psychology

Take one of the following two classes:

  • PSY 119 - Psychology of Gender
  • PSY 220 - Introduction to Behavioral Neuroscience

Further, the SP major alone will still leave a need of 5-7 credits of upper division credits. Students can take one or two, 300-400 level elective classes in any area to satisfy this criteria (consider sociology, anthropology, women’s study, liberal studies, or human services).

If you are thinking of completing a minor, then work on finishing minor classes.