Graduate School

Many undergraduate kinesiology and physical education majors pursue graduate training. A master's degree or doctorate will be essential for higher education teaching and advanced research or applied careers. Others choose graduate work in professional fields such as physical therapy, physicians assistantship, or other allied health professions.

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Preparing for Graduate School

During your junior year, or early in your senior year, you should begin talking with WWU faculty about how to prepare for graduate school. You should also begin contacting the schools you wish to consider. To apply to graduate school you will need to begin planning at least a year before the fall in which you intend to enter. Most schools only accept students in the fall and expect to have all of your materials in hand by the end of the previous December. Most departments require you to fill out an application form, including a personal statement on why you want to pursue graduate work. You will probably be asked to supply a transcript and at least three letters of reference. It is therefore to your advantage to get to know faculty by taking small classes, writing papers, serving as a teaching assistant, or getting involved in faculty research projects. Many departments also require applicants to take the Graduate Record Exam (GRE).

The Graduate Record Exam (GRE). For information see Graduate Record Exam. Be sure to look through the "GRE Free Publications section". This site contains a description of test content, sample test questions.

Information on the WWU graduate program in Exercise Science or Sport Psychology.