Jasmine Goodnow, PhD

Associate Professor, RML Program Coordinator



Ph.D. and M.S. University of Utah 

B.S. Brigham Young University

Current Courses

RECR 261 Inclusive Recreation Leadership

RECR 275 Professional Practicum & Seminar

RECR 276 Program Leadership

RECR 279 Introduction to Sustainable Tourism

RECR 373 Recreation Programming

RECR 379 Tourism Planning and Development

RECR 397 Community Recreation

RECR 337B Costa Rica Eco-Adventure

RECR 480 Leisure and Society

RECR 479 Mindful and Ethical Tourism


Areas of Interest  

Research interests include the study of traveling for self-discovery and insight through the construction of liminality; sustainable tourism as a tool for cultural empowerment, local economic catalyst, and environmental conservation


Faculty Research Interests

Dr. Goodnow's research focuses on transformational travel and the construction of liminality, and microadventure as a form of sacred, inclusive, and sustainable travel.

Selected Publications

Mackenzie, S. & Goodnow, J. (2020). Adventure in the age of COVID-19: Embracing microadventures and locavism in a post-pandemic world. Leisure Sciences, DOI: 10.1080/01490400.2020.1773984

Goodnow, J. & Bordoloi, S. (2017). Travel and insight on the limen: A content analysis of adventure travel narratives. Tourism Review International, 21(3).

Goodnow, J. & Bloom, K. (2017). When is journey sacred? Exploring twelve properties of the sacred. International Journal of Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage, 5(2), 9-16.

Bloom, K. & Goodnow, J. (2013). Insight and the travel experience: An exploration into the contributions of liminality. Journal of Travel and Tourism Research (Online), 13: ½, 143-157.