Applying to the program

Admission to the Community Health major is selective and the number of majors is limited. There are two steps to becoming a major:

Step 1, Pre-Major Application:
Students interested in applying to the major should first pre-major in Community Health. This allows students access to entry-level courses. You may sign up to become a pre-major as early as your freshman year; however, most students sign up during their sophomore year. A 2.50 GPA is required to declare Community Health as a pre-major, and a 2.50 GPA must be maintained until graduation from the Community Health Program. When students declare Community Health as a pre-major, they are assigned a Community Health faculty advisor.

See Katey Roemmele in Carver 209A to fill out the pre-major forms. Please bring her a copy of your transcripts or academic history from Web4U; unofficial transcripts are fine. Katey is generally available M-F from 8:30am-3:30pm, or you may contact her via email or phone to set up a specific time to meet:, 360-650-3782.

Pre-majors are strongly advised to complete Biology pre-requisites for BIOL 348 and 349 and Chemistry pre-requisites for CHEM 251 or 351 by the end of their sophomore year. 

Step 2, Major Application:
Pre-majors must apply for admission to the major by mid-April (date updated annually below) of the "traditional" sophomore year, prior to the 400-level courses. Please see below for a list of items to include in your application. If you have questions, program faculty can provide additional information on application specifics. 

In addition to the application, the completion of (or concurrent enrollment in) one of the following courses is necessary: HLED 150, 151, 152, or 345. Fulfillment of the requirements does not automatically secure admission to the major. Community Health pre-majors are notified regarding acceptance into the major before fall quarter registration.

Please note: As a Community Health major, you must maintain a 2.50 GPA in all major courses to enroll in the required full-time internship at the end of the program of study. Also, Bio 348 & Bio 349 and Chem 251 (or Chem 351) are required before the senior year.

How to Apply to the Community Health Major - DEADLINE: April 11, 2018

Please turn in the following items to Katey Roemmele before 3pm on April 11, 2018. She is located in 209A (at the south end of the 2nd floor in the new glass-walled building). (, 360-650-3782)

1. Community Health Major Application

You may pick up the application from Katey Roemmele in Carver 209A or download and print it here: Community Health Major Application 2018

2. Transcripts

Transcripts from all colleges attended showing your previous and current course work are to be included with the application. Your transcripts do not have to be official. WWU transcripts can be printed off Web4U (academic history).

3. Current Resume

Present your education, volunteer and/or work experience, awards, certifications, and hobbies/interests.

4. Essay

Explain (1) why you are interested in majoring in Community Health, (2) what you see yourself doing in 2-5 years, and (3) a description of your experience with community service/volunteer work, highlighting health-related activities. (The essay is to be no longer than 3 typed double-spaced pages, 12 point font. Please make sure your name is at the top of the page.)

5. Two Letters of Reference

Include two letters of reference that can speak directly to: (1) your experience (work or volunteer) in community health activities; (2) your motivation, leadership, initiative, and interpersonal skills; and (3) what makes you a strong candidate for training to be a member of the community health education profession. THESE MAY NOT BE FROM FAMILY AND FRIENDS. The letters can be submitted directly to you in a sealed envelope with the reference writer's signature across the seal or emailed to Katey Roemmele at