Waitlist Policy

Health Education (HLED) Program Waitlist Policy

HLED 150 - Consumer and Environmental Health FIFO -- See Footnote 2
HLED 151 - Society and Drugs FIFO -- See Footnote 2
HLED 152 - Society and Sex FIFO -- See Footnote 2 & 3
HLED 201 - Perspectives of Human Lifestyle and Wellness FIFO -- See Footnote 2
HLED 210 - Introduction to Public Health FIFO -- See Footnote 2
HLED 250 - Health of the College Student Instructor Approval Only
HLED 345 - Health Promotion/Disease Prevention FIFO -- See Footnote 1
HLED 350 - Nutrition FIFO -- See Footnote 1


FIFO -- First student into the waitlist is the first drawn out when a seat is available

Footnote 1:

Phase II: major specialties that cannot register for this class during phase based on major restrictions/registration phases policy sheet for HHD majors), may register first-come first-served during phase II. If class is full, then a FIFO waitlist is operated.


Footnote 2:

DECREASED CLASS CAPACITY DURING PHASE I REGISTRATION MAY BE IMPLEMENTED TO ALLOW SPACE FOR POSSIBLE LATE-REGISTERING TRANSFER STUDENTS. Once the opportunity for LATE-REGISTERING students has passed, the course numbers may be increased depending upon open seats and class capacity. At that time, waitlist space will be operated on a first-come first-served basis.


Footnote 3:

Phase II: HHD majors that include this class as an elective course for the major will register first-come first-served during phase II registration. If class is full, then a FIFO waitlist is operated.