Degree Evaluation & Applying to Graduate

Major Evaluation

Major evaluation and graduation application involves a multi-step process:

  1. Meet with your psychology faculty advisor to conduct a major evaluation,
  2. Connect with other departments to have additional majors/minors evaluated, and
  3. Complete and submit a Degree Application.

Students should schedule their major evaluation, and apply for graduation, two quarters prior to the quarter they expect to graduate. The major evaluation meeting includes a review of major coursework and completion, by the advisor, of a Degree Works worksheet note. Students planning to graduate during fall quarter should meet with their faculty advisor during the spring quarter, as most faculty will not be available to meet during the summer. If a faculty advisor is unavailable for major evaluation please contact

Students who are not sure which quarter they will/can graduate should meet with their psychology faculty advisor. The advisor will help determine which psychology courses still need to be completed and what quarter the student will be eligible to graduate. Students should also review the University Academic Policies in the Western Washington University General Catalog to determine if they have satisfied all  requirements.

Students should submit their Degree Application digitally to

Minor Evaluation

To have your minor evaluated, please email the respective contact:

Students should schedule this meeting and apply for graduation at least two quarters prior to the quarter they expect to graduate. 

Visit the Registrar's Degree Application page for current deadlines.