Faculty Advising

Types of Advisors

If you are a Prospective, Transfer, Psych Interest, Minor, Post-undergrad, and/or International student not yet declared in the psychology or human development major, please direct your questions to PsychAdvising@wwu.edu.

If you are a declared psychology or human development major, you have been paired with a faculty advisor. If you are unsure who your advisor is, you can find out via your “Students” tab on Web4U or at the top of your Degree Works Worksheet.

Scheduling a Faculty Advising Appointment

Faculty advising appointments are scheduled directly with the faculty advisor. Quarterly office hours are posted at the start of week three, in fall, winter, and spring. Most faculty are unavailable from mid-June to mid-Sep and on holidays. Email and office locations available via the Faculty & Staff Directory.

New Major Meeting

Newly declared major will be directed to complete a New Major Meeting with their faculty advisor, to:

  • finalize major declaration
  • review future quarters outlined in a Plan of Study, and
  • discuss upper-division course topics, research participation, and post-graduation plans, etc.

New Major Meetings should take place at least one week prior to Phase I registration.

Major Evaluation Meeting

Students should schedule their major evaluation meeting, and apply for graduation, two quarters prior to the quarter they expect to graduate.

Students may also require a Degree Evaluation or Plan of Study for financial aid or grant/bill funding. Please direct Plan of Study questions to Rochelle.Robinson@wwu.edu.