PsychFest Submission Information

When is PsychFest 2024?

PsychFest 2024 is scheduled for the day of Friday, June 7, on the Academic West 4th floor Skybridge. Most psychology classes will be canceled that day, enabling students, faculty, and staff to attend PsychFest. If you have non-psychology courses scheduled for that day, you may be able to ask your instructor for an excused absence, to be able to attend or present at PsychFest

What Should You Present?

The following are ideally suited for presentation as either a poster or a talk at PsychFest:

  • Psychology 307 projects
  • Honor's thesis research
  • Master's thesis research
  • Student/faculty collaborations (e.g., directed study/independent study projects)

Why Should You Present?

PsychFest gives students an opportunity to present their scholarly efforts in a supportive, low-pressure environment and can help students develop public speaking skills necessary to excel in a graduate program or a post-baccalaureate career as well as for practice for a thesis defense.

Who May Submit a Poster or Talk?

Western Washington University students studying psychology or behavioral neuroscience who conducted a project during the current academic year under the supervision of a psychology faculty member may submit a research project to PsychFest.

Submission Instructions for 2024

Students presenting at PsychFest may print one free poster in the Student Technology Center in Haggard Hall. To help you prepare your posters, you may refer to the poster template (which is formatted 40” x 30” for large poster printing). We have contacted the STC, and they are expecting a lot of requests from Psychology students during Week 10, so you should make your printing appointment as soon as possible (you don’t need to have a final version of the poster to reserve your appointment - but you will need to bring a copy of your completed poster on a USB/flash drive to your appointment). Schedule your poster printing appointment. When making your appointment, you can list the Class as PsychFest and the Instructor as Dr. Larry Symons. For more information on printing a poster see the STC website

How to Create a Poster

You may use the PsychFest Poster template for your poster.



2024 Submissions

Submission Deadlines

Talk Deadline: May 30

Poster Deadline: May 31

Art Exhibition Sign-Up

Art Exhibition Submission Deadlines

Submit form no later than June 3rd. 

Display date will be on June 7, 2024 in conjunction with PsychFest.