Transferring Courses and Prerequisites

Transferring Psychology Courses to Western Washington University

A 100-level Introduction to Psychology or General Psychology course completed at another college or university can be transferred to count as PSY 101 at Western Washington University. To determine whether a course completed at another college or university will transfer, please meet with a Psychology Department transfer advisor and get the advisor's approval in writing.

In general, if the title of the course you want to transfer is similar to one of Western's Psychology 100-level or 200-level classes, then it should satisfy the requirements for the major. Courses in Statistics or Research Design completed at a community college generally do not substitute for any of the courses in our Statistics/Research Design sequence (PSY 301–303).

To have a transfer course evaluated please email a copy of the syllabus to

You may transfer up to half of your credits for the psychology major or minor from another college or university.

Course Prerequisites and Waitlist

Course prerequisites must be completed, with a C- or better, by the time the class requiring those prerequisites begins. This may mean that a student will enroll in a course (PSY 303) while currently enrolled in a prerequisite course (PSY 302). The prerequisites for each course are listed on the Undergraduate Course Information page.

Any Western Washington University student may enroll in PSY 101. Many 200-level classes only have PSY 101 as a prerequisite and require a declared psychology interest. 

If a class is filled, you may sign up on the waitlist through the Registrar's Office.

PSY 301–303 Design and Statistics

We ask students who have completed a statistics or research design course at another school to complete the PSY 301–303 sequence at Western. If you completed a similar course at another school, you may contact a Psychology Department transfer advisor to inquire if it will transfer.

PSY 303 is a prerequisite for the 400-level seminars and must be completed prior to beginning a seminar (except capstone seminars).