Psychology: Human Development, BAE

Psychology: Human Development-Elem., BAE


Many of the major issues facing children and schools today – school readiness, achievement motivation, testing, classroom behavior, stereotyping, bullying, family and neighborhood stressors – are issues of human psychology. Psychology, as the scientific study of mind and behavior, helps provide answers to these problems, as well as contribute to the scientific understanding of how children best think and learn.

The human development program is designed to provide students in the elementary education program with an in-depth understanding of theory, research, and application in developmental psychology, and a sound background in general psychology. The program is designed to allow students flexibility in selecting psychology courses with the assistance of their advisor. This major satisfies the academic major requirement for teacher certification with an endorsement in elementary education and must be accompanied by the professional preparation program in elementary education.

Recent Major Changes

In spring '21, the human development major divided into two tracks:

  • 2020-21 majors who completed PSY 301, with a C- or better, and
  • 2021-22 new majors who complete PSY 203/297A and PSY 305:

PSY 203 Research Methods

PSY 203/PSY 297A, serves as new majors' introduction to research methods in psychology. Major topics include the principles of empirical science, sampling, research design, and ethical issues in research.

This course is a prerequisite for new major application, which means--beginning fall '21--students must complete PSY 203 with a C- or better before being eligible to apply to the new major.

Currently enrolled in PSY 203 or think you transferred an equivalent course? Click HERE for more info.

PSY 305 Scientific Thinking and Writing

PSY 305 introduces new majors to writing and critical thinking in psychology. In 15-student classes, majors will learn how to read, analyze, and produce psychological writing, how to effectively communicate psychological research, and how to identify gaps in research to be investigated. Final project will be a literature review (WP2).

Originally, the material covered in 203 and 305 was taught collectively as PSY 301. This separate approach provides students the opportunity to grasp essential aspects of research and design first and analyze and communicate second. Dividing the material over two courses is intended for maximum retention and increased academic success as students complete their major. PSY 305 is unavailable to students that  have completed PSY 301 with a C- or better.

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