Scholarships and Awards

The Department of Psychology offers several scholarships for Western undergraduate and graduate students. The minimum eligibility requirements for scholarships include having declared a Psychology, Psychology: Human Development, or Behavioral Neuroscience major, and unless otherwise indicated, a minimum overall Western GPA of 3.3 and minimum Psychology GPA of 3.5 (Merle Prim Scholarship minimum cumulative GPA requirement: 2.0).

How to Apply

Annual scholarship are available via Canvas during Spring Quarter. Please see Canvas major courses in late April/early May for updates.

BNS student holding scholarship award

Tuition Waiver Merit Award

Students selected for this award must be of superior academic ability. The tuition waivers are merit awards.

Eligibility: Full-time undergraduate students in Psychology, Psychology: Human Development, and Behavioral Neuroscience.

2023 Recipient: Six Graham

2022 recipients: Greyson Mize, Rich Nodarse

Merle Prim Scholarship for Diversity and Inclusion

Merle Prim served the university for 42 years as a fierce supporter of ethnic minorities and first-generation students. Having faced many obstacles in his own career, he was committed to removing obstacles for others.

Eligibility: 1. Undergraduate Psychology or Behavioral Neuroscience major, 2. an ethnic minority student with U. S. citizenship, 3. a WWU cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0, and 4. a demonstrated financial need.

2023 recipients: Holly Morales, Lily Ngo

2022 recipients: Alondra Figueroa Zepeda, Harmony Byam, Missy Smalls

Merle Prim smiling in a very bright orange shirt
Ethan Remmell and two children in the snow

Ethan Remmel Memorial Scholarship

Ethan Remmel was a beloved member of the faculty of the Department of Psychology from 2002 until his passing in 2011. This scholarship honors Ethan's memory by supporting students who will make a positive difference in the lives of young people in a helping profession.

Eligibility: Undergraduate and graduate student pursuing study and/or research in the area of developmental psychology.

2023 Recipients: Alyssa Martini, Erika Groshell

2022 recipients: Sabrina Batingan, Vivika Sweiven Crawford

Adams/Woodring Scholarship

Dr. Henry Adams and Dr. Paul Woodring were professor in the Department of Education, and were responsible for founding Western's Department of Psychology in 1960. This scholarship, in their honor, is intended to reward outstanding students who are pursuing careers in service to humanity.

Eligibility: Undergraduate or graduate student in Psychology, Psychology: Human Development, and Behavioral Neuroscience with  focus on improving the welfare of others. Students majoring in Business are not eligible.

2023 Recipients: Anna Lynch, Emma Little, Lydia Henderson

2022 recipients: Gabby Wilson, Olivia Murray

Adams and Woodring in black and white
Frank and Ann Nugent

Frank and Ann Nugent Mental Health Counseling Graduate Scholarship

Get to know Frank and Ann


Frank Nugent was a long-time faculty member, the founder of Western's Counseling program, and the author of the seminal book, Introduction to the Profession of Counseling. His dedication to the profession has paved the way for countless counselors here at Western. Eligibility: Graduate student in mental health counseling.

2023 Recipient: Marísa Fernandez

Dave Nelson Memorial Scholarship for Mental Health Counseling

The Dave Nelson Memorial Foundation celebrates the life of Dave Nelson, a Bellingham native and US Marine Corp Veteran. Dave's friends honor his life by giving back to the community he loved and by acknowledging the essential role that mental health plays in the community

Eligibility: Graduate student in mental health counseling.

2023 Recipient: Sierra Thompkins

2022 recipients: Marissa Collins, Sarah Birch

Dave Nelson black and white portrait.

Mees Memorial Scholarship

Hayden Mees was a member of Western's Psychology Department faculty from 1971-1983. This scholarship supports undergraduate and graduate students with scholarship or research funds. 

Eligibility: Undergraduate or graduate student in the Department of Psychology.

2023 Recipient: Taylor McGillis

2022 recipient: Chrystal Dragonflame