Scholarships and Awards

3 presenters stand together during PsychFest

The Department of Psychology offers several scholarships for Western undergraduate and graduate students. The minimum eligibility requirements for scholarships include having declared Psychology, Psychology Human Development, or Behavioral Neuroscience as the major, and unless otherwise indicated, a minimum overall Western GPA of 3.3 and minimum Psychology GPA of 3.5. Please consult the scholarship application for any additional requirements (see "How to Apply" at bottom of this page).

Tuition Waiver Merit Award

Students selected for this award must be of superior academic ability. The tuition waivers are merit awards.

Eligibility: Full-time undergraduate students in Psychology, Psychology Human Development, and Behavioral Neuroscience.

Merle Prim Memorial Scholarship

Merle Prim smiling in a very bright orange shirt

Dr. Merle Prim was a member of Western’s Department of Psychology faculty from  1969-2011  (42 years). His teaching research lab focused on physiological processes, neuroscience, and learning. Dr. Prim valued accessibility of higher education for ethnic minorities, especially first generation undergraduate students who are U.S. citizens. This scholarship supports undergraduate ethnic minority students majoring in Psychology or Behavioral Neuroscience.

Eligibility: 1. Undergraduate Psychology or Behavioral Neuroscience major; 2. an ethnic minority student with U. S. citizenship, 3. a Western Washington University cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0, and 4. a demonstrated financial need.

Ethan Remmel Scholarship

Ethan Remmel in his doctorate graduation regalia

Dr. Ethan Remmel was a member of Western’s Department of Psychology faculty from 2002 until his passing in 2011. Dr. Remmel's research examined the development of cognitive abilities in young children. Students selected for this scholarship must have a record of academic excellence in psychology courses and a demonstrated commitment to pursuing a professional life working with children. It was Dr. Remmel's hope that the scholarship would support a student who would like to make a positive difference in the lives of young people in a helping profession (e.g., teaching, school counseling, social work) or in research.

Eligibility: Undergraduate and graduate student pursuing study and/or research in the area of developmental psychology.

Mees Memorial Scholarship/Fellowship

Dr. Hayden Mees was a member of Western's Psychology Department faculty from 1971-1983. This scholarship/fellowship supports undergraduate and graduate students as well as research conducted by undergraduate and graduate students in the Department of Psychology.

Eligibility: Undergraduate or graduate student in the Department of Psychology.

Adams-Woodring Scholarship

Black and white portrait of Henry Adams
Dr. Henry Adams
Paul Woodring sitting in a chair
Dr. Paul Woodring

Dr. Henry Adams was on the faculty at Western from 1957-1983, and Dr. Paul Woodring was on the faculty at Western from 1939-1985. Both taught in the Department of Education. Upon the founding of the Psychology Department, Dr. Adams maintained an appointment in the Psychology Department and Dr. Woodring maintained dual appointments. The primary purpose of the scholarship is to attract and hold students with superior promise. Scholarships will be awarded to students pursuing careers in service to humanity, with highest preference to students interested in education.

Eligibility: Undergraduate and graduate student in Psychology, Psychology Human Development, and Behavioral Neuroscience. Students majoring in Business are not eligible.

How to Apply

To apply for a scholarship, visit the Psychology Department Scholarship site on Canvas.