Annie Riggs

she/her, Associate Professor

Current Courses

230- Lifespan Development 

334- Cognitive Development

430- Moral Development


Accepting graduate students for the experimental program for Fall 2022

Research Interests

  • child development
  • moral reasoning
  • social norms
  • gender
  • pretend play

Areas of Specialty

Developmental Psychology, Learning, Cognition, and Perception

Curriculum Vitae:


Selected Publications

Riggs, A.E. & Gonzalez, A.M. (2021). Developmental Science. Similarity or Stereotypes? An investigation of how exemplar gender guides children’s math learning.

Riggs, A.E.(2020) Riggs, A. E. (2020). Is or ought? Reactions to violations help children to distinguish norms and regularities. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology194, 104822.

Riggs, A. E.,& Long, M. (2020). The Domain Frequency Association: A mental shortcut to guide children’s generalization of norms and preferences. Cognitive Development54, 100853.

Riggs, A.E.(2019) Social Statistics: Children use statistical reasoning to guide their inferences about the scope of social behavior. Developmental Psychology.

Riggs, A.E. & Young, A.G. (2016). Developmental changes in children's normative reasoning across learning contexts and collaborative roles. Developmental Psychology.  

doi: 10.1037/dev0000119

Riggs, A.E.,Alibali, M.W., & Kalish, C.W. (2015). Leave her out of it: Person-presentation of strategies is harmful for transfer. Cognitive Science.