Antonya Gonzalez, PhD

she/her, Associate Professor


My research examines the cognitive biases and cultural influences that contribute to the development of intergroup bias and beliefs about inequality. I also investigate the consequences of these biases and beliefs for behavior in childhood, adolescence, and adulthood, and potential interventions for bias and belief change.

Current Courses

PSY 335 - Socioemotional Development

PSY 430 - Seminar in Developmental Psychology

Selected Publications

Gonzalez, A.M., Steele, J.R., Chan, E.F., Lim, S.A., & Baron, A.S. (2021) Developmental differences in the malleability of implicit racial bias following exposure to counterstereotypical exemplars. Developmental Psychology.

Gonzalez, A.M., Oh, H.J.J., & Baron, A.S. (2020). The hidden classroom: How gender stereotypes impact academic achievement. Cambridge Handbook of Applied School Psychology.

Block, K., Gonzalez, A.M., Schmader, T., & Baron, A.S. (2018). Early gender differences in core values predict anticipated family versus career orientation. Psychological Science.

Gonzalez, A.M., Dunlop, W., & Baron, A.S. (2017). Malleability of implicit associations across development. Developmental Science.

Gonzalez, A.M., Steele, J.R., & Baron, A.S. (2017). Reducing children’s implicit racial bias through exposure to positive out-group exemplars. Child Development.


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