2013 Munro Seminar for Civic Education

2013 Seminar flyer


Internship Award

The 2013 Munro Internship is awarded to Political Science Major Lyle Brunner.  Lyle is working with Institute Director, Prof. Sara Weir and others on the planning committee to mobilize student involvement in the upcoming 2013 Ralph Munro Institute for Civic Education.

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11/5/2013: Changing Demographics, New Technology, and the Modern Workforce: How Should Higher Education Respond?
11/5/2013: Washington’s Business Climate: Too Much Tax? Too Much Regulation?
11/6/2013: Economic Recovery: Competing Priorities for State Dollars

Note that the rest of the sessions were cancelled when the legislature was recalled.

For more information on the Ralph Munro Institute contact:

Professor Sara Weir, WWU Department of Political Science, 360-650-2912 Sara.Weir@wwu.edu