Danyal Lotfi-Chahardeh

Why Political Science?

Though I always liked to discuss politics when I was in high school, when I came to college my intended major was Biomedical Engineering. I took the Political Science 101 course during my first quarter at Western Washington University and right away I knew that's what I wanted to study. I've never regretted this decision even for a second (I wouldn't have been any good in the medical field anyways). Having grown up in Iran, I come from a highly political environment, where it is rare that at any sort of gathering of friends or family political issues are not discussed. So politics has been a central aspect of my life and I intend to keep it that way.

What do you enjoy most about Western?

One of the things I appreciate most about Western is its size. The student-professor ratio has been very ideal in all the classes I've been in. This has allowed me to actually build a relationship with my professors and better utilize their guidance as a mentor. I'm sure the professors enjoy having a close relationship with students as well.

What are your future plans?

My focus in political science is international politics. I hope that one day I'm able to be an active participant in the world of international relations, such as conflict resolution, international security, etc. Iran-U.S. relations are of utmost importance to me, because both countries are very dear to my heart and have, each in their own way, shaped me into the person I am today. I wish to see a day when Iranians and Americans can easily and freely communicate with one another and build stronger cultural, political, economic and social ties. To many this might seem impossible, but to me it's simply a challenge that we can overcome.