Day on Capitol Hill 2020

Three men talkin gin a room with many framed pictures
A group of people walking away from a shuttle bus
Dr. Johnson shaking hands with a man in a suit
People gathered in a garage decorated with political bumper stickers
Three women posing in front of a wall containing framed certificates
Large group of people posing together on a deck corner
Group of people gathered inside of a living room
Ralph Munro and Vernon Damani Johnson pose together with an old photograph
Dr. Johnson posing with several students
A woman addressing a group of people gathered at a conference table
People around a conference table talking
Student posing in excitintment while pointing towards a bust of George Washington
Two students posing in front of a marble pillar and American flag
A group of students speaking with Justice Montoya-Lewis
Students posing, looking over the shoulder of Justice Montoya-Lewis holding a piece of paper
Students speaking with Justice Montoya-Lewis