Owen Hauck

What experiences at Western helped prepare you for your future?

Presenting a paper at the Political Science Association Student Conference

I would highly recommend current students to challenge themselves and present papers or research at any forum. It is very humbling to subject your work to the criticism and scrutiny of others; your writing and critical thinking skills will emerge much stronger in a future career or academic setting.

What courses did you find most influential?

International Political Economy and Issues in Political Economy with Professor Horne

These classes were an in depth exploration of the integral and unavoidable relationship between government and economy. Classes with Professor Horne were some of the most useful in my four years at Western, and led me to major in Economics as well as Political Science.

Senior Seminar in International Politics with Professor Alper

Professor Alper's course "Borders and Borderlands" made me consider the problem of balancing state sovereignty with the multifaceted and cooperation requiring issues facing the international system.

What's next?

After traveling through South America and completing a three month internship in Seattle, I will begin the graduate program in International Economic Relations at American University's School of International Service. I plan to begin a career in international development and would love to live abroad.

The Latest Update

In 2015, Owen completed his masters degree in International Economic Relations at American University's School of International Service.  In July he took a position as a research analyst with the Peterson Institute for International Economics; he is currently working with Senior Fellow Angel Ubide on issues related to EU economic policy and global macroeconomic policy.