Anne Fast

she/her, Associate Professor

Current Courses

PSY 230 - Lifespan Development

PSY 334 - Cognitive Development

PSY 430 - Development of Prosocial Behavior


Accepting graduate students for the experimental program for Fall 2021

Areas of Specialty

Developmental Psychology

Selected Publications

Mandel, G.N., Olson, K.R., Fast, A.A. (2020). Debunking intellectual property myths: Cross-cultural experiments on perceptions of property. 2020 Brigham Young University Law Review. 219-273.

Gülgöz, S., Glazier, J.J., Enright, E.A., Alonso, D.J., Durwood, L.J., Fast, A.A., Lowe, R., Ji, C., Heer, J., Martin, C.M., & Olson, K.R. (2019). Similarity in transgender and cisgender children’s gender development. Proceedings for the National Academy of the Sciences, 116(49), 24480-24485.

Fast, A.A., & Olson, K.R. (2018). Gender development in preschool transgender children. Child Development. 89(2), 620-637.

Fast, A.A., & Van Reet, J. (2018). Preschool children transfer real-world moral reasoning into pretense. Cognitive Development. 45, 40-47.

Fast, A.A., Olson, K.R., & Mandel, G.N. (2017). Intuitive intellectual property law: A nationally-representative test of the plagiarism fallacy. PLoS ONE 12(9): e0184315.

Fast, A.A., Olson, K.R., & Mandel, G.N. (2016). Experimental investigations on the basis for intellectual property rights. Law and Human Behavior. 40(4), 458-476.

Mandel, G.N., Fast, A.A., & Olson, K.R. (2016). Intellectual property law’s plagiarism fallacy. 2015 Brigham Young University Law Review. 915-983.