Anne Fast, PhD

she/her, Associate Professor


On Leave AY 23-24

Current Courses

PSY 230 - Lifespan Development

PSY 334 - Cognitive Development

PSY 430 - Development of Prosocial Behavior

PSY 305 - Scientific Thinking & Writing

PSY 307 - Experimental Approaches to Research & Statistics

Selected Publications

Fast, A.A., *Ravi, S., Olson, K.R. (2023). When it is better to give than to receive: Children’s giving and happiness. Social Development.

Fast, A.A., Morelli, S.A., Zaki, J., & Olson, K.R. (2022). Mutual identification promotes children’s generosity. Infant and Child Development. 31(3), e2310.

Fast, A.A., & Olson, K.R. (2018). Gender development in preschool transgender children. Child Development. 89(2), 620-637.

Fast, A.A., & Van Reet, J. (2018). Preschool children transfer real-world moral reasoning into pretense. Cognitive Development. 45, 40-47.


*indicates undergraduate student co-author