Nathan Robey, PhD, ATC

Assistant Professor

Current Courses

KIN 306 - Measurement and Evaluation in Kinesiology

KIN 308 - Human Growth and Motor Development

KIN 413 - Physiology of Exercise

KIN 415 - Physical Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription

KIN 510 - Laboratory Techniques in Exercise Science 


Ph.D. University of Northern Colorado - Sport and Exercise Science with an emphasis in Biomechanics

M.S. Texas State University - Athletic Training 

B.S. South Dakota State University - Athletic Training 

Research Interests

  • Lower Extremity Biomechanics
  • Lower Extremity Injury Risk
  • Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries
  • Neuromuscular Control
  • Data Driven Clinical Decision Making

Selected Publications

  1. Robey N.J., Buchholz K.O., Murphy S.P., Smith J.D., Heise G.D. (2021). Do athletes with a reconstructed anterior cruciate ligament respond differently than controls to visual challenges when dynamic postural stability is assessed? Journal of Applied Biomechanics, 37(6), 611-618.