Classes and Registration

Registration Policy

Due to high demand, SOC 300- level courses are restricted to declared Sociology majors for the first 6 class days of registration-Phase I. 

Restrictions will typically be removed by 9 a.m. on the 7th day of registration. The Spring Quarter 2024 registration restrictions will lift on Wednesday March 6th by 9:00am.  If space is available, minors and other non-majors will be able to register at that time for 300- and 400-level courses as long as they have fulfilled any prerequisites. Western’s automated waitlist system will be utilized for all courses.

Note: Summer classes are not restricted for majors only.

Course Access Information For Sociology Minors

In order to increase the likelihood of successfully completing the sociology minor, it is recommended that students minoring in sociology take applicable courses as soon as possible when there is space available, rather than waiting to take several courses in the last quarter(s) of study.  Also, there is more course availability during Summer Session, so minors may want to consider utilizing the summer quarters to fulfill minor requirements. A registration waiting period is not in place for non-majors during summer quarter registration.  


Western's automated waitlist system will be utilized for all courses. The Sociology Department reserves the right to manage its wait lists to give priority to declared Sociology majors who have applied to graduate in upcoming quarters and must take certain courses to satisfy graduation requirements.

Registration for Capstone Seminars

Override permission is required for capstone seminars. Please submit an override request form to the faculty teaching the course several weeks ahead of registration.  Detailed instructions regarding the request process can be found in the Canvas Advising Course in the announcement titled, 'Important Information For Seniors.'

Courses requiring permissions

Override permission is required when registering for the courses listed:

  • SOC 480 (teaching assistantship)
  • SOC 481 (research assistantship)
  • SOC 492 (senior thesis)

Once you have arranged permission with faculty, contact Andrea Osborn for an override so you can register.

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Need Help?

Please contact our Sociology Advisor.