Prospective Sociology Students

Welcome to the Sociology Department at Western Washington University.  The information included here is to assist you as you consider the overall field of sociology, as well as some specific details about our department.  Please explore our website for further information and feel free to contact the Sociology Department Program Coordinator and Advisor with any questions. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Sociology Programs

The topics that sociologists examine encompass the world around us--families, schools, government, prisons, the world of work, cities and neighborhoods, friendships. Some might say that the role of the sociologist is to render the familiar unfamiliar. Sociologists attempt to gain understanding of important social processes by way of a wide range of theories and methodological approaches. We utilize many different kinds of information sources in our work, including for example, census data, historical documents, transcripts from interviews, survey results, and observations of group behavior.

The Sociology Department at Western has designed a curricular structure that will provide majors opportunities to gain both a wide range of understanding of various sub-areas within sociology as well as more in-depth knowledge of particular areas. Regardless of the particular curricular plan chosen, sociology students will develop critical thinking, oral and written communication skills, and a familiarity with technology that will significantly enhance students' future career options.

Recent sociology graduates have obtained positions in a variety of fields including criminal justice, corrections, education, social service, business management, among many others. Many graduates have found that the skills acquired in our program have prepared them for further academic studies in sociology, demography, law, social work, and education. 

For more information, see Career Options

For information about applying for admission to Western, contact the Admissions Office. If you're thinking about transferring to Western and you're wondering what courses will apply toward the major in Sociology, contact the Sociology Department Program Coordinator and Advisor. For advice about General University Requirements (GURs), contact the Academic Advising & Student Achievement Center

Students wishing to major in Sociology must submit Admission Paperwork to the Sociology Advisor. The number of students admitted to the major is limited as a result of the structure of the sociology curriculum and departmental staffing capabilities.