Independent Study (Soc 400)

SOC 400 -Independent Study (1-15 credits)

SOC 400 Prerequisites

  • SOC 302
  • SOC 304 (215)
  • SOC 306 (210)
  • A minimum 3.0 GPA for the preceding three quarters.
  • agreement with a faculty member to work with you individually.

About Independent Study

Soc 400 allows students the opportunity to pursue topics not covered in ordinary courses. Students often use this opportunity to do further research in an area introduced by a course. SOC 400, however, may not be used to cover the ground covered in an existing course; it does not provide a way to get around scheduling difficulties. Faculty work loads are too pressed to allow time to repeat courses individually. Students may earn 1-15 credits, graded A/F or S/U. A maximum of 10 credits may apply toward the major, and the grading must be A/F. Additional credits will be applied as upper division elective credits only.

How to Register for Soc 400

You must get written permission from faculty. Ask the faculty to sign an Independent Study Registration Permit Card. Cards are available from the Sociology Department Office (AH 510), or from the Sociology Advisor (AH 513). Once this card is completed, submit it to the Registrar's Office to finalize registration (registration is not completed online).