Research Assistant (Soc 481)

Soc 481 Research Assistantship (R.A.) (2-5 credits)

SOC 481 - Prerequisites

  • Permission of instructor.
  • Variable credit to a maximum of 5 credits in any one quarter, repeatable to a maximum of 10 credits. Graded A/F.

About SOC 481

This course is structured on an apprenticeship model. Students will be working closely with one faculty member, assisting her/him with sociological research. The actual activities will vary, depending on the nature and stage of the research project. Responsibilities may include data set construction and/or analysis, interviewing and interview transcription, and library searches. Students will be required to submit a report or project journal to the supervising instructor in a format that will be mutually agreed upon at the start of the assistantship.

To register for SOC 481

Once you have established a T.A. position with faculty, contact Andrea Osborn for an override.