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Minor Declaration and Minor Evaluation

In order to increase the likelihood of successfully completing the sociology minor, it is recommended that students minoring in sociology take applicable courses as soon as possible when there is space available, rather than waiting to take several courses in the last quarter(s) of study.  Also, there is more course availability during Summer Session, so minors may want to consider utilizing the summer quarters to fulfill minor requirements. A registration waiting period is not in place for non-majors during summer quarter registration.  

Declaring a Sociology Minor

An appointment is not necessary to declare a Sociology Minor.

Please follow steps 1-3 below to declare.

  1. Complete a Minor Declaration Card (blank cards can be found outside of Arntzen Hall 513).
  2. Put in drop box (located outside of Arntzen Hall 513)
  3. Your minor status will be displayed at the bottom of your unofficial transripts once it has been processed. Please allow 1-2 weeks. 

A completed Minor Declaration Card looks like this.

Graduation Procedure for Minor Evaluations

An appointment is not necessary for the completion of your Minor Evaluation.

Please see steps 1-3 below.

  1. Two quarters prior to graduation, please submit a completed Minor Evaluation Form to the dropbox outside of Arnzten Hall 513. **  Please allow 1-2 weeks for processing by the Program Coordinator.
  2. It will then be verified and signed.
  3. Once processed, a PDF of your Minor Evaluation will be sent to you via your Western email for you to print at your convenience. 

A completed Minor Evaluation form looks like this.

Blank forms can be found:


**Please note, if your graduation paperwork due date falls within Summer Quarter, please submit your Minor Evaluation to the dropbox the prior Spring Quarter.

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