The mission of the Department of Sociology is to provide a high quality educational experience for undergraduate students enrolled at Western Washington University and to contribute to the overall mission of the University through research, scholarship, and service activities.  It is also part of the Department’s mission to provide a collegial and enriching environment for the professional growth of its members and associates. Given this mission, the Department is committed to achieving specific goals in three general areas of activity – undergraduate instruction, research and scholarship, and service to the University, professional associations, and the broader community. These program goals are specified below.

The Department has a number of facilities and resources that undergraduate students may use to enhance their educational experience. The Center for Social Science Instruction contains U.S. Census Bureau publications and data, a collection of census maps for the local area, and several computer work stations. The Director of the Center is also available to assist students in utilizing several large databases that are accessible in the Center. The Office of Survey Research has involved many undergraduate students in the construction and administration of surveys of Western students and alumni. The Department also has a 30-station computer laboratory for student use. Faculty are engaged in a variety of research activities, and have often involved undergraduate students in their work.