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Dr. Gillham's Expertise on the Sociology of Protests and Protest Policing in the Media

This week, the research of Dr. Patrick Gillham, of Western's Sociology Department, has appeared twice in the national press -- in an interview on NPR and in an article in Five Thirty Eight.  Dr. Gillham is nationally recognized for his expertise on the sociology of protests and of protest policing.  And this is also an example of the kinds of faculty research that inform our courses -- Dr. Gillham is teaching two courses on related topics at Western in Spring 2020:  SOC 341 Sociology of Social Movements and  SOC 351 Police, Social Control, and Democracy.  These are two examples of how sociological research helps us engage with the current crises. 

Five Thirty Eight: De-escalation Keeps Protesters And Police Safer. Departments Respond With Force Anyway, June 2, 2020

NPR NWPB: Why Police Departments Across the US Use Different Tactics to Handle Protests, June 3, 2020

Sociology graduate Kayla Callanan receives prestigious Fullbright award

The Fulbright Student Program is a U.S. government sponsored program, which provides students the opportunity to teach, research or study in various countries.  Kayla was awarded the Fulbright English Teaching Assistant (ETA) position, which will send her to South Korea this July to teach English at the secondary level. Read more details about Sociology graduate Kayla Callanan here

Sociology Major Juan Galvez is an Idea Changemaker Fellow

Juan Galvez is in his fifth year at WWU and is double majoring in Sociology and Spanish. He was born and raised in Michoacán, Mexico. Ever since Juan can remember he has loved music, but it was not until recent years that he started to develop a passion for creating his own music and sharing the music that he loves.  Please read further at Juan Galvez Changemaker Fellow.

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