Faculty Research Interests

Faculty Name and Title Research Interests Contact
Kristin Anderson,
Chair and Professor
Gender, domestic violence, families Kristin.Anderson@wwu.edu
(360) 650-7219
Ruby Ben,
Assistant Professor
Critical Indigenous Studies, Indigenous Peoples and Native Nations, Race and Ethnicity, Health and Illness, Qualitative Methods, Science, Knowledge, and Technology benr2@wwu.edu
Mick Cunningham,
Family, social demography, gender, time use, intimate partner violence Mick.Cunningham@wwu.edu
(360) 650-4881
Seth Feinberg,
Research methodology, post-colonial African states, deviance, and NFL/NCAA labor markets feinbes@wwu.edu
(360) 650-3864
Sabrina Freeman,
Organizations, small group processes, research Sabrina.Freeman@wwu.edu
(360) 650-3618
Pat Gillham,
Associate Professor
Social movements, democracy, policing, law, civil disorder, inequalities, social control and violence gillhap@wwu.edu
(360) 650-3006
Ronald Helms,
criminal justice (police, courts, corrections), criminology, local jails and mental health resourcing, energy consumption patterns, research methods Helmsr@wwu.edu
(360) 650-7927
Jen Lois,
Professor of Sociology
Sociology of Emotions, Gender, Identity/Self, Qualitative Methods Jen.Lois@wwu.edu
(360) 650-3007
Liz Mogford,
Social/structural determinants of health, travel ethics, critical health literacy pedagogy, gender equity with focus on violence against women mogfore@wwu.edu
(360) 650-3002
Melissa Osborne, PhD,
Assistant Professor
Social mobility, inequality and stratification, education, organizations, social theory, culture, qualitative methods osbornm7@wwu.edu
(360) 650-3001
Laura Overstreet,
Senior Instructor
Divorce in late adulthood, student learning Laura.Overstreet@wwu.edu
(360) 650-7522
Phil Pendergast, PhD,
Assistant Professor, Director, Tedrow Lab for Demographic and Social Research
Quantitative Methods, Social Inequality, Health and Well-Being, Crime and Punishment, Demography, Quasi-Experiments and Program Evaluation penderp@wwu.edu
(360) 650-3229
Toby Ten Eyck,
Community and urban culture Toby.TenEyck@wwu.edu
(360) 650-7521
Glenn Tsunokai, PhD,
Race and ethnic relations, methods, stratification tsunokg@wwu.edu
Cameron T. Whitley, PhD,
Associate Professor
Environmental Sociology, Sociological Animal Studies, Science and Technology, Queer/Trans Studies, Social Psychology, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning whitlec@wwu.edu
(360) 650-3618
Batool Zaidi,
Associate Professor
Gender, Demography, International Development, Global Sociology, Migration, Reproductive Health zaidir@wwu.edu
(360) 650-4926